Jio 5G Launch Date In India, 5G Unlimited Data Plans, Jio 5G Price Speed

By sandbond | March 17, 2018

Jio 5G Launch Date In India: Know every thing here about jio 5G release date, 5g data plans and price. jio 5G; is no long way to release in India (5G launch in India). 5G SIM inserts are already available in some developed countries already soon jio is also planning to release jio 5G network for their customers, reliance jio is going to bang like it did for 4G. Jio 5G Plan details are too early to call, but 5G network is expected to be 15 times more faster than 4G Plans. We may get the full fledged jio 5G plans around the year 2018. Researchers are doing experiments on 5G equipments and technologies all around the world. Jio 5G speed test is already proven that, it is not going to stop reliance in Indian Telecommunications Industry. Reliance is expected to become a market leader with the launch of Jio 5G.

Jio 5G Launch Date In India, 5G Unlimited Data Plans, Jio 5G Price Speed

Jio 5G Launch Date In India

Jio 5G ?: Know Everything About Jio 5G Price, Jio 5G launch Date ? 2018.

Jio 5G Launch Date In India

Rumors are saying that mid 2019 5G services will be launched all over the world including India. Airtel is also trying hard to launch its 5G services soon in India. Airtel was the first telecom company  who launched 3G and 4G services in India so, it might be obvious that Airtel became the first telecom company to launch 5G services in India. But we don’t know anything about future, Jio can also launch 5G in India before Airtel is going to launch of 5G network service to attract more customers . We still need to wait for 1 years for 5G service.

Jio 5G can come after 1 years in India.

When 5G Will Launch In India?

Some of my friends are sending me screenshots of jio internet speed text. And believe me, they are getting upto 40mbps. But, till yet i haven’t get. Actual the speed of 4G network is 1Gbps but, we are getting in mbs only. Experts saying that 5G assumption speed will bi defiantly in Gbs. Now, people are asking that when such is a high speed giving networking launching? for the answer you need to wait till the end of 2019 to get this speed.

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Jio 5G Speed In India

Did you know the actually speed of 4G its almost 1Gbps but sadly we don’t get its 10% of speed. According to a survey 5G would be 1Gbps (minimum) and 100Gbps (maximum). So we can expect jio 5G speed around it. I wish jio 5G speed lies above 1Gbps in India so that I can download as much I can in few seconds.

Jio 5G Price In India

When Reliance jio 4G was launched initially it was first free for 3 months but after 3 months, it also got free for next 3 months and again because at that time 4G price was too high as compared to now. So, I have a strong feeling that Jio can also give 5G prices for free as a trial for few months but whatever would be the price of 5G of other networks, Reliance Jio 4G price will be low fro them.

Jio 5G Plans (unlimited plans)

Till yet jio 5g launch date in India is not released after announcement of reliance 5g network in India the jio plans list will be updated. For up to the mark of mid 2019 year we have to wait.

Jio 5G Sim

In today’s time, the 4G sim we are getting is of 128k which is more powerful than previous generations like 2G and 3G. Jio is also a networking company so we can accept jio 5G sim like other telecom companies like Airtel, Vodafone, Idea. We can accept jio 5g sim might be 256k by the way not only jio 5G sim but Airtel 5G sim, Vodafone 5G sim will also be of 256k. Things are getting stronger day by day, friends.

Jio 5G Mobiles

If you want to get the jio 5G network then, you must need 5G network supported device. That means we need to buy 5G mobile feature phones to get the service of 5G.

Jio was the first company to launch VoLTE services in India and after that Airtel launched VoLTE features too for mobile phone, so now the question arises what type of devices will support jio 5G services or other 5g services. 5G will use different bandwidth and frequency so we need that kind of mobile phone that can support 5G services. Few companies have already started making 5G compatible devices.

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