World First 5G Network Available Cities List – AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile Official Announcement

By sandbond | April 19, 2018

5G Network Available Cities: On 27th February at&t has announced the world first 5G network service having cities of 12 US cities to get 5G wireless. Like the same way Sprint and T-Mobile also announced officially cities name which are going to get 5G service first in world. Read more about the list of cities name which get world first 5G network.

World First 5G Network Available Cities List – AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile Official Announcement

5G Network Available Cities List

World First 5G Network

Below we are going provide list of cities name are providing 5g wireless according to survay:

AT&T Announced List Of Cities Names

AT&T wireless announced on 27th February Tuesday the first cities to get its 5G network. The carrier plans on installing 5G in 12 cities by the end of this year 2018, and on top of the list is Atlanta, Georgia and Dallas and Waco, Texas. The remaining cities will be announced soon.

AT&T Announced List Of 5G Network Cities
1. Atlanta
2. Georgia
3. Dallas
4. Waco
5. Texas

Sprint’s First 5G Networks Will Go Live In?

At world mobile congress Spring also announced the list of Top cities in US which are going to provide 5G service for the first time. The name are listed as bellow: Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, Atlanta, Washington, DC and Houston.

Sprint’s Announced Cities Names List For 5G Network
1. Chicago
2. Los Angeles
3. Dallas
4. Atlanta
5. Washington
6. DC
7. Houston

T-Mobile Will Fire UP 5G In Cities Are.

T-Mobile is also announced the cities name which they are going to provided 5G wireless for first time on the same world mobile congress platform; New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Dallas it also promised will provide 30 cities total by the end of the year.

T-Mobile 5G Available Cities List
1. New York
2. Los Angeles
3. Las Vegas
4. Dallas

At last 13 cities are having 5G network service at the end of this year 2018 for first time in world.

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