Uber Bike App Download – APK Free Download For Android, Blackberry, Windows, ipad, iphone

By sandbond | February 24, 2018

Uber Bike App Download: Download Uber bike app from www.uber.com. Uber bike ride app is now available in many country’s. Uber bike is a free mobile app used for getting bike for the pick and drop services very easily. It is a very easy to get uber bike ride app where you can get the bike in front of the place you are just within minutes. So, what are you waiting for get uber bike app now on your phone. You can also uber bike apk download.

According to Uber, the option will be folded into Uber’s existing app as a “Bike” tab. Once the user selects that tab, they are shown the locations of several local JUMP electric bikes. Once their time is up, they can return the bike to any rack within a certain area.

Uber Bike App Download – APK Free Download For Android, Blackberry, Windows, ipad, iphone

Uber Bike App Download

Download Uber Bike App From Uber.com

All you have to do it just order for the bike select the location and user will call you to get the full address of the place where you actually are so that they don’t have to take a lot of time searching you, once they know about at what exact location point are you at you will have to tell them where you want to go and they will instantly provide you with a safe bike (uber bike rider app download) within minutes.

In uber bike you are the driver and you are only a passenger

Uber Bike App Download Free For Android & Blackberry

Not only this but these uber bike app came into existence after keeping a lot of security issues in mind and do also solve many of them precisely like when you have booked a bike have GPRS is connected to that bike through which you or any other person in your family, friends, relatives can track the moment of that cab by its number, not only this the drivers number is being forwarded to you as soon as the bike is booked so you don’t have any confusion about which is the bike (Uber Bike App Download) that you had booked along with the bike number also, you can also see the drivers picture and other details like his address, his number, his driving license number etc which makes the bike very safer even for the girls.

Apart from all the things mentioned above there are much more things that this amazing app provides its users with among which some are being stated as follows:

Uber Bike Rider App Features

  1. Easy payment options: once you book a bike and are ready to go to your journey and just realised that you are short of cash in your pocket then you just don’t need to worry as it is not important to pay the driver with only cash you can also pay them with other easy payment options also and even also with the help of your credit or debit cards which is a really very nice thing because it is not safe to carry cash in pocket these days.

Uber Bike App Download


This application is official available on windows store and can be easily use the application anytime. There are many awesome and useful features which serve you better. Using the GPS you can see the uber bike drivers nearby and get the estimated price then you book the uber ride you get the drivers info. They pick you up while you can see the driver coming on it way. Mac users can Download Bluestacks for PC and then install it. Now let us see the installation steps.

  • Open Windows store and in the search box type “Uber Bike”.
  • Click on the uber bike icon i.e. image then you find the “Get” button so click on it.
  • It may ask for the login so complete that.
  • Now the downloading starts.
  • After downloading you can see the launch button so click on it.
  • Make sure your location is on.
  • Complete the login process for using the app like you do on phones and finally use the application on your desktop.

Uber Bike App APK Free Download Link

This is a very amazing app specially for those who are working in multi national companies and really have no idea when there boss is going to let them go,  I think not only them but for all the other also who travel and do not want to loose that comfort zone while travelling in the public transports , this is a very safer and comfortable option for all of them, but for doing all of that you need to first download the app from our APK download link now. From below link uber bike apk free download.

Uber Bike APK Download

Hope you like this article and has help you in downloading.

Bike APP For android Uber Bike APK Download Uber Bike App Download Uber Bike Rider App Download

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