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By sandbond | April 19, 2018

Jio Coin ICO : Reliance now going to make revaluation in digital currency. Now, reliance is going to launch their jio coins which are like Bitcoins, Ethereum, Ripple etc. Jio coin ico is going to launch in market soon. But, till there is no official announcement of jio Coin ICO. Below we are providing brief information of jio coin launch date, price in India, features. Jio coin launch date in India is most waiting date now. Go through below article to know step by step procedure of how to Buy jio coin online, jio coin registration, jio coin news.

Jio Coin ICO Price, Official Launch Date, How To Buy Jio Coin Procedure @ jiocoinico

Jio Coin ICO

Jio Coin ICO

According to latest News: JIO Planning to launch their own cryptocurrency called jio coin. Because, bit coin investment is now Present trend Across World wide. JIO Launching JIO Coin very soon officially and this project lead by Mukesh Ambani son Akash Ambani. Total 50 crew Members are working for developing Reliance JIO Coin through Blockchain technology. Blockchain technology is a New technology where we can transfer the coins in various steps for one to another. They are also giving protection technology for reliance jio coin wallets for safe from hackers theft. This blockchain technology is mostly used for cryptocurrencies, but Jio plans to use it for supply chain management logistics.

What is ‘jio Coin’ ICO

Reliance Jio coin is a digital currency, like cryptocurrency which we can invest money on  Bitcoins, Ethereum, Ripple etc. to get more profit quickly. Firstly we haveto buy a  jio coin then, we have to sail the Reliance jio coin ico with a profit so, we can get profit. Now the Indian telecom operator Reliance Jio is planning to develop its cryptocurrency called Reliance Jio Coin.

Jio Coin Launch Date?

People are asking when is jio coin launch date? So, as for the information we have the Reliance Jio coin it will launch on March with ICO which will priced as 0.5$ (expecting) and total supply Will be 1 billion. We are not sure about this news. There maybe delay or Reliance jio coin date extended but this is what the News We Got.

Reliance Jio Coin Launch date may be expect on this month March, 2018

Jio Coin Price & Jio Coin Registration

Till yet there is no any official announcement of  jio coin price. But, we can expect jio coin price will be under the cost of dollar $ we hava to wait and see for the official announcement of jio coin price value. Jio coin registration is also started after announcement is declared. After the announcement of Reliance jio coin, Reliance jio coin registration is also stats after one week. So, keep it touch with our site we provide you a link of jio coin registration / booking page.

Scenario Behind Jiocoin

1. Btc is going to get legal in India

2. The Owner of Reliance has an awesome touch ! Whatever Field he choses, He is Dominant over there

3. The person with knowledge of crypto is also gonna invest in it

4. At the end Reliance Jiocoin will moon (Price will go High)

What Is The Predicted Price Of Jio Coin?

Jio Coin Price: People are asking for what is the actual estimated cast of Reliance jiocoin? here is the answer, Any cryptocurrency coin starts at very low price at starting. Its Jio Coin price raises with time. Therefore it is predicted that the cost of one Jio Coin would be under a ($)Dollar.jio Coin But soon it will rise as there are a lot of investors who are eagerly waiting to invest in Jio coin get keep in touch with this post to get latest information.

We will be updating about Reliance Jio Coin Price Prediction & Cost of one Jio Coin in the post. So Bookmark this post for that.

How To Buy / Register Jio Coins Online In India With INR & USD

Since there is no any official announcement of jio coin so, still it is a mystery for us where to buy jio coin online. But, we are sure below step’s will help you defiantly to buy jio coins buy online after official announcement. Be aware of spammers till there is no any official website is launched so, be aware of Reliance jio coin pre-booking and Registration links.

  1. Download Jio Coin App from app store
  2. Launch the jio coin application
  3. Register the jio coin app with your mobile number with an OTP
  4. Submit your details like PAN card no, Aadhaar number
  5. Link your bank account and wait for approval of your details
  6. once’s your details are verified and get approved
  7. It’s time to buy and sail JIO COIN ICO online.

Conclusion: Jio Coin is an upcoming Cryptocurrency that is Developed by Reliance Jio Team. Akash Ambani is leading the project with a team of 50 members.

If you need any more information please, comment below

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