Die With Me APK Download – Get Die With Me App APK For Android Now

By sandbond | June 28, 2020

Download die with me app apk from apk store now fro android devices. Die With Me is a new messenger app available on iOS and Android. It connects strangers in a chat room setting, allowing them to meet briefly and pass the time away as their batteries empty out to zero.But there’s a catch: The app only works on phones with a battery charge of five per cent or less.

Die With Me APK Download Highlights:

  • Die With Me is a chat app for sharing your Mobile phone’s last gasp.
  • It will leave the question hanging and point you to an art project in chat app form.
  • Die With Me is a (paid) app that can only be used for chatting when your phone at 5% or less battery left.
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Die With Me APK Download – Get Die With Me App APK For Android Now

Die With Me was launched last Wednesday by Dries Depoorter, a Belgian artist, and David Surprenant, a Montreal-based interactive developer. ‘We wanted to do something positive with a low battery,’ Depoorter told Motherboard. The 99-cent app only functions when a user’s battery is at five per cent or lower.

Die With Me APK Download

Die With Me APK Download

How did they come up with the idea for Die With Me?

“I’m an artist working with New and Latest technology. Most of my work is about surveillance, social media and privacy,” says Depoorter. “I always try to come up with original ideas telling something about those themes”. He says he got lost in a city a few times after he couldn’t find his way back to his hotel because his Mobile had died. “I think everyone with a smart Mobile landed in this sort of situation once.

“As a digital artist I really wanted to do something with this feeling. For a long time I had the technique in my head of an Die app that you can only use when you have less than 5% battery. Die With Me APK Download.

“But I had no idea to make the app interesting. Later I came up the idea to make it a public chat room.”

– Malk (4%): actually it’s a bit sad. I need my alarm clock in the morning. So when I die I have to wait for it to charge and turn on
– Pablo(3%): dont forget!
 – Malk(4%): yup
– Pablo(3%): i wont you to.lost your job tomorrow!
– Malk(4%): i have none

Why did they settle on 5% exactly?

“We tried to find a balance so you can use the app but you also have stress to use it,” says Depoorter. “And we know for iPhone if you go less than 10% it can die every moment.”

“Most of the time you end up with around 30 people in the chatroom,” he adds. “They go and new people get in. Sometimes it can take a while because (Die With Me APK android) for some Mobile Smart phones the prediction of the % battery is not very good. We saw people sharing tips how to stay in for a long time.”

So Is Die With Me going to live long

No straight answer from Depoorter on that but he does say they’re “working hard on a few exiting big updates!”, adding: “We can’t tell anything 🙂 But we can’t wait to share the update!”

How To Download Die With Me Apk For Android, iphone

If you want to download die with me app apf on your android or iphone device then, you just know this before going to download. This is not a free Die app.Check Bellow How To download The Die With Me Apk App.

Die With Me APK Download

After you’ve paid $0.99 to download the iOS (or Die With Me APK android) app — a price-tag is necessary to fund server costs for the project — you have to wait until you’ve got 5% or less battery left before you are able to enter a nickname into the Die app and be ushered into its minimalist, ephemeral public chatroom. If you are ready to buy die with me Android app then follow us.

  • visit play store of android user and search for Die with Me app
  • For android All user search the app in ios apple app store.
  • For users who want download die with me apk then click on below link.
  • login to your account after payment option is done.
  • wait for battery life come’s to 5% and now you can use this app

Die With Me APK android

Caution: This app only works when the battery life is under 5% only.

If you have any quires in Die With Me APK feel free to ask through Bellow The comment section

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